Who Do I Work With?

My clients are individual adults and young people. I work with people from any national or ethnic origin, of any religion or none, whatever their sexuality and social class.

Appointment Times

My first appointment time is 8.00am and the latest is 7.00pm. Currently appointment times are on Tuesdays only. Evening appointments tend to be in more demand so it can be quicker and easier to arrange daytime sessions.

Please arrive on time — if you arrive early, I may not be able to answer the door! If you arrive late, part of your session time will be lost to you.


Our first session will be an opportunity for us to identify and assess the specific concerns you wish to address, and also to determine whether this can realistically be achieved within my short term framework. If I believe a longer period of therapy would be optimal for you then I will try to offer suggestions for therapeutic options elsewhere.

Therapy Sessions — How Long?

Typically I will meet you once each week for 60 minutes. Sometimes the first session may take a little longer as we clarify and assess what your needs and wishes are and get to know each other a little. Some therapeutic techniques may need more than 60 minutes; on these occasions we can arrange a longer session by mutual consent.

Therapy Sessions — How Many?

Currently I am offering short term therapy only. This means we work together for up to 12 sessions maximum with the precise number of sessions by agreement and depending on the outcome of the first assessment session.


My standard charge for a 60 minute therapy session is currently £60. Sometimes, depending on the sort of work we are doing, we may decide to work for longer sessions, in which case the fee is increased pro rata.

Sometimes I am able to offer a reduced fee, depending on your personal circumstances. If you would like to discuss this further, please enquire.


Payment may be made by cheque or by cash at the end of each session. Alternatively I can invoice you monthly and you can then pay by cheque, cash or by bank transfer.


My consulting room is on the ground floor with one step over the threshold into the entrance hall. In St Albans parking on the street is generally easy.


Of course, if you cancel an appointment at short notice I am unable to fill that time. I therefore have a policy of charging the full fee unless I am given a previously agreed minimum notice of cancellation (except in exceptional circumstances).

Letters and Reports

If you need a formal letter or report in writing (for example, for lawyers, insurance companies, etc.) please contact me to discuss the fee.


Clients may come to me directly or they may be referred by a GP or other medical professional, an insurer, or by an employer.

Private Health Insurance

I am registered with a number of private health insurers. Please enquire if you wish to pay for therapy through your private health insurer.


Please call or email me on:
07966 221 790
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.